Classic SF Film Reviews

forbidden-planetOne of my big projects that I plan to work on with this blog is a review of the 50 greatest science fiction films ever, in chronological order.

I have a list of films that I’m going to be weeding through and writing reviews of. Many I’ve seen before. Some I’ve seen but not in many years (decades in some cases). And some I’ve never seen before. These are all films that are considered the high points of science fiction movies – my own personal geeky Criterion Collection, as it were.  I dug through numerous websites and checked out endless “The 25 Greatest…” and “The 50 Best of All Time…” types of lists, and from those I made my own list of 50. These are ones that in most cases appeared most often on these various listings. It’ll be a bit of an adventure, and it’s going to take a bit of time, but I’m very excited about launching this new venture. I plan to do these in strict chronological order, so it’ll be fun to sort of witness the history of SF filmmaking unfold, to see how themes and techniques rise up, take hold for a time, and then fall away.

blade-runnerThe main point of this venture is to start a dialogue, to find folks willing to discuss the merits of these great films, and maybe debate the validity of these inclusions on my list.  I think its going to be a good bit of fun.

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