Doctor Who: Tales From Trenzalore

I’m currently reading this collection of Doctor Who short stories and am really enjoying it so far. These four stories take place during the centuries that the Doctor is on Trenzalore fighting off a universe of aggressors all trying to get at him. What’s nice about these stories, though, is that each of them features a monster from the Classic era of the show (two of which would be known by the modern audience, two that have not made appearances in the new series): the Ice Warriors, the Autons, the Krynoid and the Mara.

The Krynoid seems an obvious choice to bring back, as the setting here is so similar to that of the first two episodes of “The Seeds of Doom” from 1977 starring Tom Baker. Likewise, the Ice Warriors are definitely in their element here, and the setting echoes their first appearance in 1968.

The stories are very easy reads, and the writers capture Matt Smith’s performance very well in the narrative.

This is a fun little book that is easily recommended to just about any Who fan, no matter age. Fans of only the recent series will be introduced to new (to them) adversaries, and fans of the Classic era will enjoy reading the return of a few of our old favorites.

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