SNL Group at Dragon Con 2015

One of the things that I’ve been thinking about doing for the past year is getting a group together to do SNL costuming at Dragon Con. I didn’t make that happen for the 2014 convention, unfortunately. But at the convention I saw a girl cosplaying as Pat. She looked really great, too. I told her my idea about getting a group together and she said that she’d been thinking about the same thing. I was running an errand at the time and didn’t have my phone on me so I couldn’t get her contact info. Inswing back by a couple of minutes later but she wasn’t still there.  Anyway, I grabbed my phone and created a Facebook group so that I could add her to it just in case I ran into her again (which I didn’t).

The day after Dragon I made my group public and within two days had around 35 people in it.  Seems there’s a lot of interest in this idea, which I’m very excited about.

The plan is that we’ll march in the parade next year on Saturday morning and then do a big group photo shoot on Saturday night at 11:30 pm (when else?). This is to celebrate SNL’s 40th aanniversary, but I can see this becoming an annual thing.

If you’d like to be involved, join us at

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